Good times in January

Ok so I have been a slacker about doing any posts lately. I apologize for my laziness. We have had a bunch of fun this month so rather than run it all down just enjoy all the pictures that we have been taking and know that we are all doing well and keeping busy.

2 thoughts on “Good times in January

  1. Ruth–I haven’t been to your site in forever. I somehow erased your link on the side, but I just recently added it back. Soooo fun to see your darling family. Um, your little boy is going to be a heart-breaker. He is adorable! You’re my inspiration that I’ll one day have a girl. I don’t know if you remember, but I have 4 sisters and just one brother. We are all still really close, and my brother is such a softy. He was the oldest, but still. I love having sisters though, as I’m sure your girls will.


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