Finally a real post

Ok so things have been a little nuts the past little while so I haven’t really posted about what has been going on around here. At the end of January we put our house on the market. We are looking ot move into something with a little more space and maybe ,if my hopes come true, a pool.  Just in case you haven’t heard baby #6 will be joining us in August and I would like to be settled in a new place long before then. This also explains why my posts and updates have been sparse. The kids are all doing really well growing and loving being kids–what more can you ask for right? So enjoy the pictures and if you know anyone moving to the Kingwood area that might want my house let me know 😉

4 thoughts on “Finally a real post

  1. Hey Ruth,Just thinkin of you and your family, we miss you guys and I was trying to think of the next event we might bump into eachother haha. Take care!


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