The holidays in a nutshell

Ok so December flew by so fast it was over and gone and we were ringing in the new year before I realized. So here is a little bit of an update.  We stayed busy with friends, family, parties at school, party here at the house and lots of other typical Christmas activities. There was dressing up like the Nativity, gingerbread houses, cooking, baking, Santa, glasses were bought for the first time, fireworks and even a little bit of snow. All in all the holidays were a lot of fun and we love spending time with family. Just a little sidenote before you check out the pictures–James got a new camera for Christmas so if you wonder why there are so many it is him figuring out his new toy and having so much fun with it. We are excited for things to come in the new year like visits with family and friends that we have already planned. Check us out and leave comments–the kids love reading what everyone says.

2 thoughts on “The holidays in a nutshell

  1. Hey I love the cute pics of the kids, looks like James really had fun with his new camera! Yeah, I wish we could have stayed and eaten with you guys too, lets plan something. No, baby yet, but hopefully this weekend!Love you guys,


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