Schools out Scream and Shout!!!

The girls are so excited that school is out for the summer. Of course that means lots of swimming and relaxing and craft time and whatever else I can come up with for them to keep busy. The pictures that go with this post are great some are from their gymnastic class show week and some are from other fun things we have been doing this first week out of school. I think that my favorite picture is of Havana asleep on my bed with a book on her face. She swore that she wasn’t tired and she just needed quiet time to read so literally 30 seconds into her book she was passed out. So cute! Anyway there are some great pictures and movies from Show weekat the Little Gym. The girls can’t wait for the Olympics in August so they can watch the gymnastics and swimming events. Enjoy and feel free to post comments.

2 thoughts on “Schools out Scream and Shout!!!

  1. Cute pics of the kids! I love seeing them doing the gymnastics, they look so cute. I noticed the nice pointed toys and was impressed! David is such a cute little boy too.


  2. SO fun! Summertime takes on a whole new meaning when your kids are in school. I love how smiley your kids are in all of these pics. Happy kids. 🙂


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