Our weekend in Austin

Thursday morning dawned bright and early and for some weird reason I woke up with the urge to get away. Maybe it was because it had been our anniversary on Wednesday or maybe because I just wanted a vacation either way I told James that I wanted us to go away as a family. By 3:30 we had picked up the girls from school and we were headed to Austin. I love relaxing family get-aways. I found a Embassy Suites that gave us one room–which is tricky these days with our family size to find one big enough that we don’t need to get two rooms. I highly recommend the Embassy Suites Austin-Arboretum to anyone headed that way. They had swans and Koi fish in a pond in the middle of the lobby. The kids especially David were fascinated with Butch and Sundance. We had a great time swimming in the hotel pool several times over the few days we were there. Friday we took the kids to the Inner Space Caverns. Caitlyn and Aimee were interested the whole time and the others lost interest about 45 minutes into the hour 25 minute tour. They lasted longer than I thought they would. David started out in the backpack but about 10 minutes into the tour he was done with that nonsense because he was on James back and didn’t like skimming his head along the rock formations.
Saturday we went to the Capital building and walked around with the kids. David was only interested in the cannons outside. Lainey was really into counting how many women have been the governor of Texas. Their pictures lined all the walls of the Capital. Everytime we would pass a new woman she would get SOOO excited. Caitlyn and Aimee liked the Chambers for the Senate and the House. All in all it was a good weekend with the kids learning a little about Texas and geology. On the way home we went through College Station to see my sister and her family. Her little girl who is almost 3 had her first ballet recital last niight. It was really cute to watch and the girls were very excited to see their cousins.

2 thoughts on “Our weekend in Austin

  1. What a small world! Chris’ family was in town last weekend to celebrate Anna’s first birthday and I think they stayed at the same hotel! Let us know the next time you are in town!


  2. Those are the best trips. I love spontaneity! Not so much the word, but doing things that way. We need to do that more often. Good for you on the hotel, that is great. Enjoy the little things and the randomness of life!


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