Lainey is 5!!!

Last Friday was Lainey’s 5th birthday. Thanks to all the aunts and uncles that called to wish her a happy day she was so excited to talk to y’all. She had the best day. Not only was it her day but we had agreed to watch some friends kids for the weekend so they could getaway kid free for a few days. Don’t worry we get our turn next month and they get our kids.  Anyway we had a great time with the Taggarts four little girls swimming and playing and using the new slip-n-slide. I learned that 9 kids under the age of 8 is not that bad and a lot of fun. Too bad for David that he was still the only boy.
Lainey is so excited that she is 5 and gets to head off to school in August. The kindergarten teachers give prospective kindergarten kids sunflower seeds to plant in May and tell them that when the flowers are taller than them school will start. It’s has been so fun to watch her water and keep track of how her “school flowers”  are doing every week.  She has such a fun personality. Right now she wants everything to be sassy and stylish. Those are her exact words, from her clothes to anything she does it needs to be sassy and stylish. She loves to sing and dance and do gymnastics. We love our little Lainey Bug and can’t believe she is getting so big. Hope you enjoy all the pictures!!

One thought on “Lainey is 5!!!

  1. Happy Birthday!! Her cake looks yummy! And that’s so perfect that she got a Sharpay doll – so stylish and sassy! Mckenna just got a Troy doll for her bday and Emma has Gabriella…we should get them all together to play!


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