It’s Gametime

Ok so anybody who know us knows that we are Aggies–Texas Aggies to be more specific. Ever since we finished at A&M James has wanted to buy season tickets to go to the football games. He would love for us to go as a family but I don’t think the kids will make it through a game yet without spending $$$$$$ at the concession stands on junk. Aggie CousinsYesterday was the annual Maroon and White game where the team plays itself to practice. My brother and his family went too and we all sat together. It was really fun to be back and Kyle Field. The kids really enjoyed the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band at halftime and the fireworks afterwards. Other than that they just had a great time playing with their cousins. Although they all really loved singing the Aggie War Hymn. They tried to make crazy faces to get up on the jumbo-tron but I think we were too high up. Maybe we will start with just 2 season tickets and we will take turns going to the games. Gig’em Aggies!!!

3 thoughts on “It’s Gametime

  1. Hey big nerd! Wish I had known you were going to be there so we could say hi. I know you were with family, though. We were with my family in The Zone. Your hair is adorable and you look great! I really hope we can see each other real soon…thanks for voting for Paul’s picture! He’s thrilled that he looks so good in those…mine are terrible, too, but hey whatcha gonna do? Have fun with those adorable kiddos, hi to James, and take care!


  2. It looks like a fun time in Aggieland. So, David is more into cars and trucks than Aggie football? I am sure that will change at some point, right?


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