Fabulous girls

On Wednesday I decided I was in the mood to do a little bit of shopping that I had been putting off for a while. I know that shock is registering for some of you since I am not known to delay a shopping trip but bras and kids pajamas are not the most exciting items to shop for these days. Anyway a new outlet mall opened here in Houston right before Easter and I thought sure it’s nice out let’s go–so I threw the kids in Tiny and headed over to HWY 290. Anyway the kids were really good and just as we were finishing up I noticed a store that I love–Aldo. For those who are not familiar with the name it is a shoe store that has really great shoes. Anyway I noticed on the door that it said kids and I was VERY excited. I found my new favorite place to buy my kids shoes. Now I will have to take a minute and praise the self control I used to not buy any for the girls since I just bought them shoes for Easter and let’s face it summers in Texas equal one kind of shoe-flip flops. Since Havana and Lainey were disapointed that I would not buy shoes for them(they are my two shoe lovers) we found these sunglasses that made it all better. I let them each buy a pair of their choice and of course I think that they are adorable. Havana only takes hers off to sleep at this point she even wears them in the dark in the van. Enjoy!! If you click on the photo it will take you to more pictures of them.

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