Such a Helper

It is amazing to me how big babies seem to get all of a sudden even though you see them everyday. All of a sudden it seems like David is this big kid now. I know he’s still just a baby but man he wants to be so big all the time. He has now decided that he needs to unload the dishwasher with his daddy. He prefers to be at the regular table to eat not the high chair. He has to try to do things himself first and then he will let a sister help him once he figures out he can’t do it. I love this age because their little personalities are starting to show.

Helping with the Dishes (video)

3 thoughts on “Such a Helper

  1. Too cute!!! James always loved to help me, too. His favorite chore when he was little was mopping the floor and did it everyday for awhile. In fact he would have mopped all day long if I would have allowed him to.


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