Recovery Mode

Just over a week ago my 6 weeks of torture ended, Or so I thought. The whole time my cast was on I kept thinking over and over in my mind only 42 days to go, only 41 days to go, only 39 days to go…. You get the picture. And then the day came I had outlasted,outwitted and outlazied my cast (a little Survivor shout out). I was gone I had my leg back well at least half my leg all that was missing was ALL the muscle in it. So maybe I won’t be able to run or walk or shower or cook big deal right? Slowly but surely I can move my leg. Last Sunday night I was sitting in the recliner with my feet up when suddenly my muscles cramped up in my leg bending my knee for the first time in over 42 days. Holy crap that was worse than childbirth! I am not even joking it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. It took about 10 minutes for my muscles to relax and for me to be able to breathe again. Physical therapy started on Monday and it was fantastic, NOT! I mean I love sitting in a hospital letting someone contort my leg to cause searing pain up and down my entire leg. Oh well it’s all in the name of a better knee.
Naturally the cast came off right before the kids February break so we were hoping to travel but alas my doctor forbade us from leaving town. To quote him” any mom who has 7 kids is going to get her cast off and over do it–so no traveling”. I don’t know what he was talking about I am all about taking it easy 😉

Instead we just got to know The Netherlands a little better because I was not about to be stuck in my house all week after being housebound for the last six weeks. My inlaws came to visit because they are leaving on a mission in April. We went to a really cool car museum called the Louwman Museum,bought hot fresh stroopwafels, went to Gouda(where the cheese is from), tried Mexican food in a foreign country that has no idea what Mexican food should be, went to Nemo Science Museum, went to the Escher Museum, took the kids to the indoor pool by the house and hung out at home. But hey my knee bends to a 45 degree angle now woohoo! At least that’s progress, my doctor says I could be riding my bakfiets in another couple of weeks.

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