85% that’s not too shabby right?

Here I am almost 4 months after my minor knee surgery that turned into reconstructive knee surgery during the procedure and I am on my way back to me. If I had to venture a guess I would say I feel like I am at 85% of the normal me. I will take it! I still can’t sit criss cross applesauce but really how often does a woman my age sit that way anymore, actually more than you think until you can’t do it but that’s alright. Slowly but surely I am getting there. What a interesting ride it has been both emotionally and physically but to be totally bare my soul honest it was hard, really hard to sit around and watch other people do the things I love to do. I love being a mom to these wonderful people The Lord has trusted me to care for. I am so grateful that I can cook dinner and do laundry and clean my house again! I know call me crazy but those are my jobs that I missed. Still no running and that might be for a year but I am finding new ways to workout. The workout I put myself through yesterday kicked my trash, gotta love that can’t walk or laugh because I worked out feeling.
Now that I am no longer hobbling down these cobble stone streets we are back to do fun family outings. We took our first big trip back to the US for Easter weekend and our Spring Break. I was a little worried about how hard it would be for my kids to see all their friends and family and then leave them again but they did fantastic. A few tears but that was to be expected. We spent the weekend in Kingwood and then flew to Utah to visit more friends and family and attend General Conference. The whole family had a great trip and loved every minute of the trip.




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