Brussels for Havana’s Birthday

This past Friday was Havana’ birthday. Her 8th birthday to be exact. For those who don’t know in our church you get to be baptized after you turn eight so it is a pretty big deal. We try to do something really fun for their birthday that year. Havana’s 3 older sisters chose to go to Schlitterbahn, the coolest,hottest time in Texas, for their 8th birthdays but that was out of the question for her. I was researching day trips from Wassenaar and my friend Mackenzie told me about The Aventure Parc just outside of Brussels. For those of you who are lucky enough to know Havana then you know she is absolutely in LOVE with gymnastics and loves a challenge. So when I saw the Aventure Parc website I knew it was the perfect place to celebrate her birthday. This place was amazing! A rope course high in the trees and the older you are the higher you are allowed to go. It confirmed what I already knew and that is that most of my kids are part monkey. You just pay the entrance fee no time limit and we thought they would tire out after about an hour but 4 1/2 hours later they didn’t want to leave. So we dragged them away to meet up with the Wheatleys,some friends from Kingwood that live in Brussels. Consequently we had to force the, to leave their house too so all in all it was a great day for us as a family. Enjoy the photos and if you want to come we can take you there too 😉











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