Recent happenings

So nothing really too exciting has been going on around here lately. Just the same old same old stuff. Everyone talks about how busy the holidays are but I really think it starts in September and stays busy through the beginning of January. We are having a great time lately just spending time as a family doing things.ƂĀ  A trip to Old McDonalds Farm (our first ever), a Halloween party at the Little Gym, Academic Fair, date night with Daddy to Mary Poppins the musical downtown just to name a few fun things. It seems like lately I have heard a lot of people says things like “you look great for having 6 kids” or “you don’t look like you have had 6 kids” or other comments like that which leads me to wonder what a mom of 6 is supposed to look like. Should I be frumpy and dull, should I look worn out because I have 6 kids, should I look like I am barely hanging on because I am so crazy. I love my kids and think that they actually give me energy and a reason to do the things that are wonderful and fun. This world has so much to offer us as a family and I hope that I can do as much as I can with these sweet children before they grow up and have their own busy schedules to keep up. So whatever you may think a mom of 6 kids should look like here’s to changing that opinion maybe even just a little bit šŸ™‚ Enjoy our pictures

2 thoughts on “Recent happenings

  1. You are a great example of a fun mom! Y’all are growing up too fast. Jan is way excited to see and meet all of her cousins, she also said she wants to challenge Holli to a burping contest! šŸ™‚


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