Aimee’s Baptism

This weekend was a big one for the family. Aimee turned 8 at the beginning of August but chose to wait to be baptized until this month so that family could make one trip for her baptism and Holli’s blessing. It was a busy but amazing weekend with family and friends that came to spend time with us. How grateful I am for my Aimee with her fabulous smile and very funny sense of humor. She is also a very sensitive little girl who loves others so much and is very aware of other people’s feelings and needs. I am so grateful for all my children and the joy that they bring into my life. How blessed I feel to have been trusted with these sweet spirits and to be able to spend my days with them.

4 thoughts on “Aimee’s Baptism

  1. We love you Aimee and are so proud of you. These babies are growing up so very fast!! I am right there with you Ruth. We are very blessed to be mothers to these wonderful little people..Love you all,


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