Beach Trip 2009

Beach Late last night we got back from our beach trip to Ft.Walton Beach, Florida. It’s right next to Destin in case you don’t know your Florida geography :)  We had a blast!!! The kids loved all the time at the beach and in the pool. Our condo was perfect for our family and in a great location. I learned that my husband makes some pretty fun sand sculptures which the kids were really into. We went to the Gulfarium one  morning–if you have been to SeaWorld then don’t bother but Aimee had her heart set on it from the moment she saw it. Havana and Caitlyn are now fans of crab legs and new potatoes for dinner–woohoo only 3 more to convert to loving seafood. We all came back sunburn free which is always a good thing with 5 kids and a light complected husband although some of my kids look like we didn’t use sunscreen and used tanning oil but I promise we did not–I am somewhat responsible 😉 On the way home we stopped in Mobile at the USS Alabama for a couple of hours–the kids loved it!! David and Aimee were into the guns and stuff onboard.  It was a really great time for our little family to get away and enjoy some time to hang out together. Enjoy all the pictures that we took trying to capture all of our good times

3 thoughts on “Beach Trip 2009

  1. Ruth–congrats on your soon to be new baby. Good luck with these last weeks–they are always so much fun! And, your beach trip looks like so much fun! Aren’t those beaches on the Gulf gorgeous with the white sand? I wish I could have popped over there to see you guys! I also love how you dress your girls alike–it’s so cute. I love to dress my boys the same too! Best of luck!


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