Lainey’s Locks for Love

Lainey said that she wanted her hair short so that I could put it into sloppy ponytails. That’s what we call them here at our house when you just don’t pull the hair all the way through so it makes sort of a funky bun. Today I took her to Shear Madness and had them cut it. I had them stack it in the back so that it was exactly 11 inches long to send. She is very excited that some little girl will get to have her hair as a wig. We looked at the webpage for Locks for Love and Lainey actually wanted the hair to go to the girl on the website. I had to explain to her that we don’t know who gets the wig. Check out all her pictures and her new haircut.   

7 thoughts on “Lainey’s Locks for Love

  1. Ruth- I found your blog through Amanda’s. I remember running into you here in Utah a while back (We are back here to finish Grad School). Are you back in Texas? Your kids are darling! I can’t wait to keep in touch again!
    Janelle (Hardy) Cluff


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