Uncle Alex’s Visit

This week has been really fun. James has a little brother I guess since he is 6 foot 5 I should say younger brother who got off his mission a couple months ago. Alex came to see us and we have been having fun with him. the girls were so excited to see him, even havana who didn’t remember him but since her sisters were talking to him she figured she should too. David is still a little weary but I keep having Alex do diaper duty to try to get David to warm up to him. We drove over to the Woodlands on Friday to look at Christmas lights and do some shopping for Alex. Saturday morning we decorated gingerbread houses with most of my nieces and nephews. The kids had a great time doing their own house. Some of the kids were very exact with their candy placements. After they had consumed mounds of candy and frosting I packed us a picnic lunch to take to Angel park. It was a hot December day at the park, but the kids had a blast. David was in heaven just running free. Gotta love 85 degree December Texas weather.

3 thoughts on “Uncle Alex’s Visit

  1. Hello to the Carruth family! After finding the link to your site on Lori’s blog, I’ve been checking it regularly and just love it. So descriptive, and the pictures are amazing! You have a beautiful family–Merry Christmas!


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