Another LOOOONG week

Well so much for having a calm quiet week. I am up late for the fourth night in a row with a sick child.  Late Saturday night David started throwing up. He was up for several hours. Let me tell you I was reminded of what the most pathetic sight in the world is–a vomitting baby. We thought all was better but no he has thrown up at least once a day since then-continuing tonight.  He hadn’t done it since yesterday morning so today right after I got the girls off to school I loaded the rest of the kids in Tiny and headed to Walmart. We were out of a few essentials–pedialyte, crackers that sort of thing. Next thing I know as I am heading to the front almost done mind you with a full basket , Havana tells me that she needs to throw up. I brushed it aside as hunger since they didn’t eat before we left. She said it two more times and yep that’s right I had to take the lid off one of the sampler trash cans they have around the store and let her go. We cleaned her up with some Clorox wipes I was buying anyway and off we went to the register. Everybody went down for naps when we got home and once Lainey woke up I guess she needed a turn. It was 10pm and all was well so I went to bed. Just as I fell asleep I heard David in the monitor–losing it all over again. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

One thought on “Another LOOOONG week

  1. Oh YUCK!!!! No fun. I’m so sorry. Puking is just about the worst thing moms have to deal with. And you have that times five. Yikes. I don’t think moms were meant to get sleep.
    One request. With your next post, I want a pic of Tiny.


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