Normandy 70th Anniversary

I am so grateful that we were living here at this time so that we could attend the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Normandy. I will forever be grateful for the brave soldiers who gave everything so that we can have our freedom today.
I don’t have words for what a neat experience it was to be there on the Anniversary. We watched almost 800 paratroopers from different countries jump from the sky. We saw reenactment camps all around us. There were men in uniform who survived!! Everywhere we turned there were jeeps and tanks and military vehicles.

The memorials are amazing if you can ever bring your families then please take the time.

We decided to camp with our good friends the Andersons. If you haven’t camped in Europe I would put it on your to do list. Pretty cushy campgrounds in my opinion.

We had some interesting adventures….like trying to drive to the air show but traffic was so bad we missed it and drive through a field to escape. Or maybe the pouring rain as we tried to pack the tent to leave. Or maybe the sick kid in the tent who threw up into pillowcases all night. Or maybe getting stuck in traffic for hours on end……I don’t know but all the adventures we had were worth it. The memorials at Caens, Omaha Beach and Utah Beach captivated my children and helped history come alive for them.













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