I love that our school lumps Spring Break with Easter Break so there is a good chunk of travel time during some fantastic weather.
We loved Athens. I wish we could just pack up and live in Greece. Although I would choose an island not Athens but beggars can’t be choosers 😉

I love the amazing history everywhere you turn, the to die for food and the sweet friendly people. I was so excited that my kids fell in love with the food too so now that is just one more kind of cuisine we can enjoy at home!

I could bore y’all with details of each place we went and a million photos of each place but I won’t. I will tell you if you are in Athens and have a person in your group who is less than thrilled with your historical tour take a ride on the Happy Train. Yes the Happy Train is actually the name and it will deliver pure happiness if you pair a teenager with a toddler who is waving exuberantly to strangers while calling out “Hallo we are the Happy Train!!!!”
No amount of teenage boredom can hold back the giggles especially if you mix in a second toddler who is blowing kisses and winking at every woman over the age of 25 who he rides past.

I will offer a word of caution to those traveling anytime soon that when wearing a maxi skirt on an escalator please please please make sure you hold it up to your knees. Otherwise you may meet with my fate of having it get sucked into the bottom of the escalator. Luckily my years of kid wrangling have provided me with catlike reflexes which allowed me to keep it from going all the way in leaving me naked. Whewww!!














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