Weekend in Paris

No matter how many times we have been in the last two years it makes us feel pretty fancy shmancy to say “let’s go to Paris for the weekend” It’s pretty tricky finding 9 tickets all at the same time to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I guess we could wait in line but who wants to stand in line for 3 hours when you can pick some random date and buy tickets online. So several months ago we picked the first available date that had 9 tickets and booked a trip to Paris for the weekend. We got to see the Eiffel Tower and night which I think is now my most favorite way to see it, all twinkly and sparkling. So beautiful!! What a fantastic view of Paris from the tip top, come prepared though it is super windy. The day was warm and lovely and our kiddos didn’t want to take scarves and jackets “all the way to the top”, but once we got up there all of them were grateful I made them. Lesson #1–mom is almost always right 😉
As much as we love getting to go to amazing places for quick, little weekend getaways we are really excited to be back in Texas and do weekends in places like Dallas and College Station or New Orleans. Instead of driving across countries to see new sights we can drive the same distances to see loved ones which is awesome!







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