De Haar Castle

I know I know I am way behind too much site seeing and traveling to blog about our adventures, rough first world problems but they are real 😉 At the beginning of February we took a drive to De Haar Castle just outside of Utrecht here in The Netherlands. We invited some good friends, the Moore's, along and off we went. What a beautiful castle! The grounds were amazing and I would love to go back now because I am sure things in the garden are blooming. I imagine in my head that it is quite lovely in the Spring time. We weren't allowed photos inside but we took plenty outside despite the typical Dutch drizzle everyone had a fantastic time running and playing on the grounds.

The kitchen inside was to die for–I was so envious of the space but then again my ideas of space are warped a little after living in tight quarters. We headed into Utrecht for lunch/dinner because a friend suggested Meneer Smackers. Holy cow! Literally holy cow it was the best burger EVER, so if you are ever in Utrecht make sure you stop by for a burger and fries. We tried to persuade them to open another one in Wassenaar so maybe one day they will expand.







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