The countdown begins……..

Well not really since we don’t have a date to move yet. Since we know for sure we are moving we mapped out the next few months and we are trying to squeeze in as much as possible before taking off. A few weeks ago we headed up to Amsterdam for a few hours and enjoyed the newly reopened Rijks Museum. It was fantastic and if you are ever in Amsterdam take the time to explore it. Make sure to buy your tickets online to avoid the long lines for tickets or use your Museum Pass. One thing about it didn’t change and that’s the park right outside by the I AMSTERDAM sign. I can usually bribe the little kids with some play time at the playground if they are good in the museums we visit, and that day it was no different.








2 thoughts on “The countdown begins……..

  1. Way to take advantage of every minute! We’re excited to have y’all closer, but I can empathize with having to leave such a fun place.


  2. I would appreciate it if you would please photoshop me in there somewhere so I can pretend I’m doing something fun too. Please and thank you.


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