Wingardium Leviosa

When you have a house full of Harry Potter fans both young and old it is inevitable that a trip to Warner Bros. Studios Tour is planned. There is no better time than a 12th birthday so that is what Aimée got for her birthday. As much fun as the Making of Harry Potter would be we knew it wouldn’t take an entire weekend. So we threw in Stone Henge, Windsor Castle, a few playgrounds and some tasty pub food to fill up all our time outside London.

If you ever have the chance to visit the WB Studio Tour we highly recommend it. So much information behind the fantastic movies that turned a great book series into what seemed like a reality. Butter beer, flying on a broom, the Night Bus, Hagrid’s Hut, the list could go on and on for hours. Did you know that Ollivanders Wand shop was NOT created digitally, each and every wand box was hand painted and put back on the shelves several times during filming.

Stone Henge was an awesome sight plus it has some lovely open fields the kids were able to run around in after the two hours of traffic to get there.

Just a little travel tip—-always see if you can buy tickets online for anything you want to visit. We didn’t even think about buying online for Windsor Castle and the line was huge. So after James had a few of the kids calculate how many steps we had moved in X amount of time and divide the remaining number of steps to the front of the line we quickly got out of line so we didn’t miss our flight.

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