Ahh the lake life!

We headed to Zurich, Switzerland for a more relaxing type of vacation. This time we had a much lighter schedule of site seeing and we were heavy on the fun. We found a fantastic hike in the mountains called the Sensory Trail. It was short but just right for our monkeys. You walked around a small lake in the shallow edges of the lake on top of different textures. Mark was NOT a fan of the mud pit. Then there were a bunch of rocks to climb and play on that had water running down. I better not forget about the Alpine Slide that was really cool.We enjoyed the cable car ride and the ski lift ride up and down from the mountain. We popped into Lucerne for the rest of the day.

When James was a kid his family went to the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne. His mom recently emailed some awesome photos of them as kids behind some headless cut outs. Imagine how excited that those same cut outs were still there no the kids could recreate the old photos.

Saturday we tried to go into Zurich for some site seeing but unbeknownst to us we had booked our trip during the Ironman competition and a triathlon. We ended up turning around and headed back to the house we were staying at and napped instead. Then we spent the rest of the day meeting up with friends from our days at BYU Law School, The Bergs, and swimming in the lake. We made some new friends and had a BBQ that night.

Sunday we went to church and then of course we had to hit a castle before we flew home. It was fantastic. They had era appropriate workers that were teaching things on the castle grounds. The top floor was full of crafts and dress up. And in the bottom of the castle,not quite the dungeon, they had a dragon. Not bad for a weekend trip to Zurich.

















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