From the bottom to the top

So when we moved here we made a list of places we wanted to travel with our family. James has traveled much more than me so he had more places he was familiar with so his scope of places was much broader than mine. I had little desire to visit Eastern European countries because when I imagine any of those countries they seem so stinkin’ COLD! James really wanted to take the kids to Prague because he hasn’t ever been there and anyone who loves Jason Bourne movies should go at least once right? I told him I had zero desire to go in the winter so I booked a trip for a weekend in July instead.
Let me say it quickly went from the bottom of my “must see” list to the top. What a lovely city. Some of the best street food we have had yet, horse drawn carriage rides, old charming architecture, chocolate fondue, the toy museum with the largest Barbie collection this place has it all.

In reading about Prague I read that black light shows were very popular. I found one that has great reviews for children and bought tickets before we went. I am so glad I did when we got there lines were long and it was sold out. Such a great show and an illuminating idea 😉

When James and I were dating we took our second date to a small Texas town for the Caldwell Kolache Festival. It was really fun to introduce the kids to where those tasty treats come from.

We tried all kinds of street food as we walked the city for two days. Kolaches in almost every bakery but one of the kids favorites was a bread wrapped around a large pole that was rotated over hot coals. Then they pull the dough off and roll it in sugar and walnuts. We think it was called trdelnik (sp?). There was ham being roasted over coals as well they cut you off a chunk and then weigh it and serve it with bread. The guy looked at me quite strange when he was cutting and I kept asking for more. So I pointed to the curb where James and the kids were waiting and it all made sense.

As I had the kids lined up on Charles Bridge to get a group shot several people came running over to take photos of our kids. So I thought might as well and handed them my camera too and got a family shot taken for us. We still are amused when strangers take random photos of our family. I would never take photos of a random family but then again most people wouldn’t have 7 kids right lol.

So if you ever get a chance to visit Prague–take it because it was well worth the visit.











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