Merry Christmas

We started our Christmas season with a planned weekend to Cologne,Germany for a visit to the “must see” Christmas markets. First off our departure was delayed a day because James- the lucky dog-was returning from a 10day business trip to Houston. Apparently these Texans were unaware how cold -9*C actually feels so after about 2 hours in Cologne with kids who had snot freezing to their faces we decided to throw in the towel and head home. Sometimes mom’s know everything without knowing we know everything. About 10 minutes from the house Mark started throwing up repeatedly which continued all night until the morning when Lainey started feeling sick too. Lesson learned snow boots, snow pants and THICK wool socks are a must have for next year.

For the kids for Christmas we gave them a trip to the French Alps in the South of France. My first mistake was letting them have a vote. James and I talked and I wanted a beach holiday and he wanted snow so we took it to the kids. I thought I had more kids on my side than I did so when votes were counted it was 8 to 1, snow won. We rented a chalet at a ski resort but didn’t book any lift passes or ski school or anything. We were put in a place right by some great little hills and it was perfect. I didn’t have to cook breakfast or dinner for a week and if we didn’t want to go down to the restaurant for dinner they would bring it to us. Gourmet food in my pjs was AWESOME! My kids tried some great local foods and LOVED every minute in the cold white snow. I will admit the snow is not too bad if you get all geared up for it but this half Cuban Texan would still prefer a white sandy beach over white frosty snow. Best moment of the trip was when Caitlyn got going so fast down a hill on the sled that she hit a tree and kept going with a 2ft long branch stuck in her hair. I am not even joking it was pretty cool she wasn’t even phased by it at all. I may not love the snow but I do think my kids are pretty stinking cute in their snow gear. Maybe next time we will try to ski or snowboard and by we I mean my husband and the kids.













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