My birthday boys!

Today my baby boy turned 2. This is very bittersweet for me as his mom. I LOVE watching them gain more and more of who they are going to become but for that to happen they have to get bigger. So far I have not found an age of my kids that I haven’t loved. I am not saying there aren’t phases in every age that make me bonkers. But I learned several kids ago if I only focus on the bonkers moments I lose the moments that bring the greatest joy. For example I could get frustrated when Holli is yelling “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction while I am driving ,or I could stop and be impressed my 3 year old knows every word and Na Na Na in a pop song. I have so much fun being a mom to the sweet kids who are so forgiving of my many faults. Mark is such a happy boy who loves to play with his older siblings. His favorite thing in the world right now is to play with his Duplos. He makes the best expressions and we love to call him Squish because you just want to squeeze him.
David will be 6 on Wednesday and he loves that his only brother almost shares a birthday with him. I hope he always loves his brother as much as he does right now. He could sit and build towers of Duplos all afternoon just to help Mrk crash them down and then rebuild them. I am so very grateful for these sweet boys The Lord blessed our family with and I pray that I have what it takes to help them become the men that their father is. I am grateful that I married a man who loves me more than I often deserve and I hope with all my heart that boys are just like him.







2 thoughts on “My birthday boys!

  1. I love that you have one blue-eyed boy and one brown-eyed boy. They are adorable! Hard to believe how big they are getting. I love how you are enjoying them!


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