London 2012

And so begins the first of many travels for our little family while we are living abroad. We flew to London for a long weekend at the end of Fall Break for some good old family time. We found a small flat to rent near a Tube stop and planned out our days accordingly. There was lots of walking and sightseeing and a bunch of parks too. There was lots of sunshine on one day WOOHOO! I am really not great at this blog stuff. I think my kids favorite thing that we did was the London Eye. It was a super clear day and we could see forever from the top. Their next favorite was playing in the grassy mote outside the Tower of London. The Transportation Museum was awesome. We had been to it before when Caitlyn and Aimeé were babies and it didn’t fail to impress again. Street performers also made a huge impression on my kids. They saw lots of American favorites like Gap and Tutti Frutti just to name a few. We tried a chicken place where we were sat in a cave inside the restaurant. I am missing a few pictures hopefully I will be able to find them in the next little bit but y’all can enjoy a few and check out the rest on Facebook. The Princess Diana Memorial Park was fantastic so if you ever travel to London with kids it is a must play.









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