October Break with the Grandparents

We are so very grateful that my Mom and James’ parents were able to come and spend a week with us for Havana’s baptism and the kids school break. We were able to show them around where we live and let them see what it is like for us here in the Netherlands. Because I am not a good blogger I am lumping the rest of their time with us into this one post.We went to Amsterdam one day and took them through the Anne Frank house followed by the Rijks Museum. If you are ever in Holland those are both worth the time. I remember reading The Diary of Anne Frank and having such vivid ideas in my head of what it must have looked like inside their place. Only walking through the tiny space they lived in do you realize how awful it must have been for them and so many other Jews during the WW II. Living here sometimes makes you feel like time stands still. Shops close early,nothing is open on Sunday, people ride bikes EVERY where, when you go out for dinner there is no rushing you out the door for the next customer to take your place instead you have to beg them for the check. I love those things about living where we are but I am very grateful that time did not stand still during WWII because it must have been terrible for so many people living here.
Sorry for my random tangent. We also stopped at the I Amsterdam sign for a photo opportunity.
We enjoyed a few hours at Madurodam, a miniature Holland,a trip to Luciano’s, a shopping trip into The Hague and a few other random activities. We celebrated the boys birthdays with the grandparents since they won’t be around next week when they have them.











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