A Day in Delft

I guess I better get started or I am am going to be WAY behind in posts. This past week was our October break. The grandparents all flew in because Havana was getting baptized. Since they were coming all this way to visit we thought it would be fun to tour some of the Netherlands. Friday afternoon I turned passing out lunch to the kids and next thing I knew I was unable to bend my knee. A quick trip to the doctor and luckily all it turned out to be was inflamed cartilage. He told me to stay off it for 10 days and keep from bending it. Since I am a model patient we headed to Delft the next day to the Delft Factory to see where they make the pottery. Most entertaining moment was when Mark didn’t realize there was glass and ran straight into the display case. He must have seen a piece of pottery he really wanted to hold. It was right out of a Windex commercial. Least entertaining moment was when Holli accidentally broke something in the gift shop,at least it was not the good stuff but the cheap knockoff type they sell suckers oops I mean tourists.
After the factory we went for a quick and very inexpensive lunch at Ikea and then conquered the Old Church and the New Church. Impressive names right? I mean they are both really,really,really old so what does 150 or 200 years in age matter? Very beautiful buildings with awesome stained glass windows. Inside the New Church the artist, Vermeer who painted The Girl with the Pearl Earring, is buried inside.

We worked up another appetite walking all around Delft so we headed to Rotterdam for our Pannenkoeken Boat Tour. Here in The Netherlands they enjoy sweet and savory pancakes that are thinner than American pancakes but thicker than a crepé. It was an all you can eat pancake tour of the Harbor. Below the deck there was an entire room they had converted to a ball pit. We highly recommend this activity for anybody visiting or living in Holland.

We were all tired by this point so I thought it might be a good idea to head home and finally put my knee up and stay off it like the doctor ordered.









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