9 things I have learned in 9 days living in Europe

Because we are a family of 9 it’s kind of our number so today I decided to make a top 9 list of things we have learned. The following are in no particular order:
1. Most packages of food at the store offer a single serving for us IF we are lucky
2. Frankfurters in a can are NOT hot dogs but sticks of meat that taste like SPAM.
3. Our stroller tires are way too small for cobblestone streets.
4. A 9 passenger van is even harder to find than a 12 passenger one was in the US
5. Melk bread is amazing
6. Ikea is my new best friend
7. Flip flops are now only for beach vacations not everyday wear
8. It’s very hard to not be in the same continent when someone you love is hurting and you want to
9. I am very grateful to have this opportunity with my family, there is so much to see in this world

I am going to throw in a number 10 for fun
10. Chocolate covered stroopwafels are even yummier than plain stroopwafels

So with all these in mind feel free to book a trip to visit us and see for yourself. We can easily squeeze you into our house.


2 thoughts on “9 things I have learned in 9 days living in Europe

  1. so do we get to hear 180 things you’ve learned in a few months? Are you getting a new stroller now? I love European kids shoes! Pricey but so much nicer than the US, have fun shopping!


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