Really Tiny??

Of all the things I fully anticipated making me cry selling my van,Tiny, today was not one of these things. I know that some might not think I am sentimental because I don’t hold onto stuff but I am indeed a hoarder. Let me clarify, I hoard memories. They are so precious to me because the memories that we make are all we have to keep those we have lost in our lives alive in our hearts and minds. Even as I am typing this post I am tearing up thinking of road trips we have taken, places we have been as our little family and with others we love. The very first road trip with Tiny was taken the week after we bought him. We went to Ft. Worth to watch James run his first marathon. I remember on the drive home he was so glad we had a 12 passenger van because he was able to lay down on the back row and stretch out so his muscles didn’t tighten up. We have taken some fantastic road trips but we also have spend time driving around in our day to day activities in Tiny. He never failed to disappoint the back row when we came to railroad tracks. If taken at the right speed you could hit your head on the ceiling. Holli used to chant “peed bump, peed bump”. I know this seems silly but we LOVED our van.


2 thoughts on “Really Tiny??

  1. Aww! I love that you have a connection to the van and shared this post with all. We do have connections to things in our lives, some more than others. I can see why you tears up about the van.


  2. I feel so sentimental about things like that, too. Plus, your van is Aggie Marooon! I would have a hard time letting go, too. Best of luck with preparations for the big move!


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