House hunting

Apparently I was very naive to think that we would be able to find a place for our family to live here in Holland. This has been a very difficult trip as far as house hunting goes. I know that we have a slightly larger than normal family but really no houses so far that we can squeeze into! We looked around online before we came quite a bit trying to make a list of places we thought would work and emailed them to our relocation person so she could set it up with the realtor who was renting each property. It’s not a good sign when they both are laughing about how to fit 9 people into a 160 sq. meter home. That roughly translates to 1600 sq. feet a little squished but in my mind doable if it’s the right space. Sure we can all share 2 toilets or 3 if lucky and cram into 4/5 tiny bedrooms but I draw the line at the washing machine being on the bottom level of a 3 or 4 level home and the dryer being on the TOP level. I mean really who thought that having to carry wet loads of laundry up 2 or 3 flights of stairs was a good idea? So needless to say today was not successful hopefully tomorrow will yield much better results. I had high hopes for a charming traditional Dutch home these hopes have been replaced with a sense of urgency to find an oven that fits more that a pie,a fridge that will fit at least 2 days worth of groceries, rooms that will fit a a bunkbed, and some outdoor area that we can put 7 bikes and a bike trailer.

3 thoughts on “House hunting

  1. If you end up resorting to leaving a few kids behind, I’m sure we could find room for them here!


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