The game

Aimee started a game the other day when we went shopping for some new luggage. She was really entertained and the other kids quickly caught onto the fun. She has decided that while we are traveling she is going to keep a daily log of how many people stop me to make random, often rude, mostly slightly amusing comments about the size of our family. We are who we are and we enjoy being who we are. I am sure if I thought ahead a little about what people might think of what we are doing before I did certain things it might help to limit comments but hind sight is always 20/20. We found out that we are allowed 27 suitcases onto our flight over the to the Netherlands. Immediately visions of fun color coordinating suitcases filled my mind so I took all the kids to Macy’s that morning for a luggage sale that was happening. So began the game…. First the lady at the door going into the store, then the 3 separate ladies on the way to the escalator all to be topped off by the lady who watched me load my 34lb daughter(who shall remain nameless) into a rolling suitcase to see how easily the kids could maneuver a full suitcase.  Of course this was practical but also very amusing to us I mean really who has time to shop for luggage and then go home to stuff it full and then wheel it around the house only to find you don’t like it and have to return it. So I went for the more time efficient route and just used my most reliable resources,my children. Needless to say the lady at the register could not hold back her opinion which just completed Aimee’s game for the morning nicely. Like I said hind sight is 20/20 next time I would have loaded in 2 kids.

6 thoughts on “The game

  1. So funny about loading the kid in the luggage. Practical. Glad you didn’t leave one behind in the suitcase, then we’d have a problem. Wish you had a photo of it.
    Your family is perfect for you no matter the comments. Just think of some really great comments for those who ask you about your family. Something like, “I had seven kids so I could have tons of grandkids!” Or, “Yes they’re all mine, at least while they’re good. When they’re not, I don’t claim them!” Have fun with it.
    And honestly, most people are probably amazed that your and your seven children are out in public and you look as awesome as you do. Unfortunately, many people think two is a handful (and they can be). So, next time someone makes a comment about family size. Take it as a compliment. They’re projecting their disbelief that you can handle so many wonderful children when they struggle to handle their family size.
    Quite honestly, I’m a little envious that you had so many great kids in the same time frame of marriage as us. And, I’m envious that you’re doing so well. We had to stop at five because I wasn’t able to ‘handle’ (is that the right word) more. Andy and I had to accept my limitation though my dream was 6 or 7 kiddos. Okay, maybe envious isn’t the right word either, but impressed fits.
    Keep having fun with the comment game and turn it around so that it stays enjoyable rather than into something that can grow bitterness.


  2. You should have told the lady at the register it’s just to expensive to buy airline tickets for all of them when you have a big family. I love Holland!! Great places. I have a friend that lived in (sp?) Deerin or Derin Park in a mansion, it is actually a castle. I wish you could live there b/c you could all fit and it was awesome. I want to keep up with your blog and travels. We went to Breendonk by Auchan (I’m slaughtering the spelling) which was a concentration camp, pretty interesting. The outdoor flea market up in Delft in the spring is awesome! I’ve been a couple of times. It is great fun. There’s a cool castle up in Appledorn (again? The spelling). The Murray’s live in Belgium, quite close to the Netherlands. Good luck finding a place. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the steep narrow stairs! Best wishes!


  3. You do not have to post my long note, with misspelled words, even “to” should have been “too”. Just saying hi and wishing you well. My email address is if you want to “chat”. I can hook you up with my friend that lived there for a few years if you want. Just let me know. She’s a sweetie.


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