Just a little update

Things have been busy busy busy around like usual. We just started swim team back up and the 3 big girls are swimming this year.  Havana got her ears pierced and loves the way they sparkle now. David is getting more and more entertaining everyday as his personality grows larger than life. Everything is going well with the pregnancy and James and I are just doing the usual and enjoying the kids. Have a good time looking at all the pictures and videos

2 thoughts on “Just a little update

  1. Our kids loved watching the girls swim their races! Our family is starting our new adventures in summer league this year so seeing your races were a real treat. The pic with David in all the goggles is hilarious! Great job girls!! Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy the beginnings of summer days!


  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures you all look awesome. I miss you tons. Are you getting excited for the end of school and your beach “vacation”? I love you!


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