David is 2!!!

Friday was David’s 2nd birthday. Since I am lame and have to be off my feet we decided to go out to dinner and then buy him an ice cream cake before we opened presents. He had a great time for his big day. We learned that Wings N More is a great place to take a boy since there were 6 TV’s going during dinner all with different games playing. He was so excited. He was very excited about his basketball, his scooter, and his Handy Manny tool set that he got from everyone. He gets bigger and bigger everyday and I can’t believe that he is already two. David is a very sweet boy who loves his Daddy and his big sisters.  I know he loves me too but when his daddy or sisters get home he goes running and screaming their names. David loves any sort of ball or anything that requires him to run or jump.  Enjoy the pictures!!

One thought on “David is 2!!!

  1. I have been searching Google and Yahoo and kept seeing coming across your genealogy site so I thought I would drop by and check your site out. Thanks for the useful and informative stuff you have here… I’m still tracing my family back if anyone has info of any Winn family members from High Wycombe get in touch!


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