Fall Weather???

Yesterday when I was making dinner some of the kids were outside and came in complaining that it was hot. They wanted swimsuits and the water hose on. I am thinking why not it is hot out there and then I can finish making dinner in quiet. Ten minutes later they were all done and wanted to come in until Aimee remembered the sidewalk paint in the cupboard and pulled it out to finger paint on the trampoline. I love that it is still 85 degrees outside and we are into the month of November.

2 thoughts on “Fall Weather???

  1. That is cool, but snow is fun too. without snow you can’t build snowman’s, ski, tobogan, make snow angels, snowball fights, ice skate so there are some perks about the cold, plus after you freeze outside you can come in and enjoy hot apple cider by the fire…so i guess there is perks to both kinds of weather…


  2. I went for a long bike ride this morning and didn’t sweat. I love the cool fall weather!!! I’m not jealous at all. It better be cold when I get there for Thanksgiving!!!


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