After 8 straight years

I am proud to announce that after 8 straight years of having a baby or babies in diapers we are diaper FREE!! That’s right my baby boy is now going on the big boy potty.  We started Tuesday afternoon and he has done great. Unfortunately he got sick this weekend and was really sick. But the up side is that through all of that he kept going on the potty. It is kind of strange to think that we are without a baby in diapers. It has been a long time–I think that as a reward if you will for all those diapers changed I will take that extra $30 or so and spend it on me.  It seems fair I did change more of those little bottoms than anyone else.  Watch his cute little video–no it is not one of him on the potty.

7 thoughts on “After 8 straight years

  1. Okay so I have a question…I am not sure how to find the video of David. I go to the photo link but I am never sure which folder it is in. So is it the really cute one of him pushing the wagon or is there another one??? And hooray for no diapers!!!


  2. WOW! That is a huge accomplishment . . . Congratulations! Yikes . . . and I stil have years ahead of me with kids in diapers. If you ever miss it just come visit us!


  3. Congrats Ruth! I can’t imagine having kids in diapers for straight 8 years!! I had a break for a year and a half and now I miss it since it is so hard for me to remember to change Brady’s diaper. Well, we live in Katy now so maybe we’ll have to meet up sometime or when we come up to Kingwood.


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