James celebrated another year older WAHOO!!!

Waiting for the train
Today for his birthday we kidnapped James from work early and then went out as a family. We went to the Downtown Aquarium for dinner and then hung out in the little amusement park area for a little while after we ate. It was lots of fun and the kids had a blast playing in the jumping water fountains. I planned ahead and had towels and dry clothes in the car because I didn’t want a bunch of soggy monkeys riding home in Tiny.  After that we came home and had cheesecake–of course this is James’s birthday we are talking about here. He opened presents which included tickets to an A&M football game in a few weeks. Even though they aren’t playing that well it is always fun to go to a game and hang out with friends and talk sports and be all manly.  All in all it was a great day. There are a few random shots from Sunday of the artwork David and I drew. Look at the pictures and be amazed at my little Van Gogh. If you don’t look you won’t know 😉

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