Lainey is on a two-wheeler!!!

Today Lainey decided she wanted to be on a two-wheeler so while I was making dinner she went outside with James and 10 minutes later came to tell me she had it all figured out.  All of this happened because of the bike ride I took the kids on yesterday.  Some friends invited us over for dinner and FHE so I thought I would let the kids ride their bikes to their house and then James would just meet us there after work. Since it would be dark I figured we could throw the bikes in Tiny and drive home. Anyway so Lainey was doing really well on her little bike pumping her legs as hard as she could to keep up with the rest of us. We reached an intersection that was pretty busy in one neighborhood and Aimee and Lainey crossed after I told them to go but I guess Caitlyn got a little freaked out and crashed in the middle of the street.  Right as she fell a very nice bike cop came rolling up on his bike to offer to help. That is when he noticed Lainey and Aimee about a block away. I knew that they would stop at the stop sign but he freaked out and tore off after them. Meanwhile I lugged Caitlyn’s bike, my bike with the trailer that had Havana and David plus a cooler in it off the street. The guy who lives on the corner is an EMT apparently so he came running over to see how bad she was injured. She just had a little road rash that was bleeding but by this point we had already done 4 of the 4.5 miles to our friend’s house so I was just trying to keep us moving.  Needless to say all the help was sweet but we just wanted to be on our way.  I am very proud of my girls for how far they rode and for Lainey who did twice the work on her little bike. All this is what inspired her to switch to a big girl bike today. We have been trying to convince her to learn for several months but life lessons are learned and then they realize mommy and daddy are always right 😉 Enjoy the video of her on her own!!

2 thoughts on “Lainey is on a two-wheeler!!!

  1. Wow, what an adventure!! I’m glad everybody was okay. I remember when my daughter fell on a busy sidewalk–it took her months to have any desire to get back on that bike! 🙂


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