Hurricane IKE

Yes we were affected by Hurricane IKE but we are all fine. Today is the girls firstday back at school. That’s right two weeks without school. My girls were not glad that Deerwood had no power until last Friday.  We got our power back after just 6 short days without any at all. We were lucky some of Kingwood just got their power back this weekend and others we know are still living in the dark. We had a great time playing with cousins, going to parks, riding bikes in the rain in pajamas, meeting some animals, meeting new cousins and hanging out with Daddy who didn’t have to go to work for a week. All in all Hurricane IKE was not that unpleasant and we learned how to make the most and best out of a bad situation. We were still able to have Peyton’s Party–a carnival benefit I planned for my brother’s family. The kids has a fun two weeks but are very excited to be up early and headed off to school this morning. As for me life as normal 🙂 Enjoy all the random pictures!!

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