Nice family weekend

AndrewWe had a really great weekend. It started Friday when my sister,Bekah, brought her girls in from College Station while she was running some errands she needed to take care of here. My kids were very excited for this sudden last minute visit. They always have fun playing with Sage and Jade. That evening James’ brother Andrew drove in to spend the weekend with us. James and Andrew were great they kept all the kids so that my sister, mom and I could go out to dinner and do a little shopping. I am very aware of the fact that my husband spoils me. Saturday we just hung out and watched General Conference which was really neat since we sustained a new prophet. In between sessions we went on a family bike ride with super cycling Uncle Andrew. James and I both pulled trailers with kids and the big girls rode their bikes. Lainey is still working on riding a two wheeler so we borrowed a trailer from our neighbor for her to ride in so we could go farther. I was proud of the girls. We did a 5 mile loop and there wasn’t any whining about being tired except when the chain on my bike broke and we had to stop for repairs. I am thinking maybe they are ready for the next MS150–go Team Ganas!!

One thought on “Nice family weekend

  1. Hey Ruth how’s it going?! I found you through Dixie, too. It’s true, she is good at keeping up with everyone. I love the pics of your family and reading all the fun things you guys do 🙂 Your kids are soo cute!


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