I love Texas in the Spring

Just in case I haven’t ever mentioned this to y’all before I LOVE living in a very hot climate. We got back last Monday from Utah where it was cold and snowed a couple of days. This week the kids had so much fun playing in the sprinklers all week and going to the park. Although they were sweaty and gross by the time I made them come inside they have had a great week. I learned how to do tag blankets while we were on vacation and made my first one this week for a baby shower. We had a family fun run at the girls school on Friday. Each grade level goes out and runs laps and whichever class runs the most wins a prize. Families that run count towards the total for the class. Parents count double and so do extra siblings that participate. So of course our family was able to gain 42 total laps before they double the number. I found out today at Church that after the we left the school other parents were saying that it wasn’t fair for all our numbers to count. I think it totally fair since Havana our 3 year old ran more laps than most 1st graders and a lot of the second graders. Her little legs were pumping HARD to keep up with her sisters.

One thought on “I love Texas in the Spring

  1. I wish I could say the same about Idaho. We are all wishing we could be playing at the park or running through sprinklers, but instead we are still wearing our snow clothes and snow boots! I think we ended up in the wrong place! I hope everyone is feeling better at your place, especially you!


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