Spring Break in Utah

We had the best time hanging out last week in Utah.  We drove the long fun drive and got there on the 13th and got back on the 24th. A drive that long makes you stay long enough to make it worth it. We stayed with our friends Will and Paula Jensen. Their kids and ours make 11 kids 7 years old and under. It was a really good week full of fun visits with aunts, uncles,cousins, friends and a grandma. We spent time swimming, roller skating, going to the nickel arcade, museum visit, hanging out, watching a race and 4 Easter egg hunts and lots of other fun days with the kids. It was a good trip but we are glad to be home. James drove out there with us and then flew home because he had to work and then flew back out for the weekend to hang out and then drive back with us. I had a really rough week right before we left with sick kids and me having some medical problems so I packed us up and headed out leaving behind a somewhat clean house. We got back last night and I was shocked with how nice the house looked. James had gotten the carpets cleaned and had Merry Maids come in to clean for me. I just need to take a minute to express how grateful I am for a husband who listens to me when I talk about how much I love a clean house and coming home after vacation to my own home. So thanks James for loving me enough to listen. Take a look at all the pictures if you have a few minutes.

3 thoughts on “Spring Break in Utah

  1. It looks like ya’ll had a blast! How fun! Can’t wait ’til we can get together again, too. Your family is just growing up so much and is as beautiful/handsome as ever. Talk with you soon…Alli


  2. Wow!! Lots of great pics, so much fun!! I especially loved the “flying pics” (jumping into the pool).
    The girls are so beautiful and David is becoming such a little man, I love it! Miss you guys!


  3. Ruth-Corey and I found y’alls blog on the Galloways. I loved reading about your fun trip to Utah. I am sure you had a nice break! Sounds nice to have your carpets professionally cleaned and your house cleaned by maids. I hope that Corey will do that for me while I am in the hospital having baby #3 in July. We’d love to hear from you guys. Take care!!


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