All Boy all the Time

On Saturday we went down to Lake Jackson to see my brother Robert’s new house and really for his daughter Bailey’s 3rd birthday party. My brother and his wife had 3 boys and then a little girl. Needless to say they have soooo many cars and trains and trucks and action heros. David didnt’ know where to start when he saw all the “boy” toys. They have an enclosed back porch that they keep a bunch of the kids toys. David played out there for hours, literally. I quickly thought maybe if I get him more things like those then he would play upstairs more during the day. So today I ran to Walmart and bought him a few new Hot Wheels and a Spiral Speedway. He was really excited. I don’t know how he knew what it was but the whole way home he pointed at it and screamed at me because he wanted to play. I really believe that boys have some stuff encoded in their DNA that is different than girls. We got home and I couldn’t open his cars fast enough for him. He tried to carry all 5 at once as I opened his Speedway. David sat and played with it for the length of the Barbie movie I rented for his sisters to watch. Why didn’t I figure this out weeks ago when I was losing it because he just wandered around behind me opening and emptying every drawer or cupboard in the house. You live you learn. Look at the pure joy on his face in the pictures–it doesn’t get much better than that!!!

5 thoughts on “All Boy all the Time

  1. I love the way he screamed at you to play! The pictures are perfect, you really did capture the joy in his smile. I wish I was there to play cars with him!


  2. Boys definitely are made of something else! The good news is, if you can figure out what that “something else” is, they are pretty easily entertained. Tucker’s been through a “hot wheels” phase, a “super hero” phase, and is now onto the “x-box” phase. (none of which I EVER even attempted when I was little) It is so much fun,though, to see boys want to be boys. Anything Dad says or does is really “cool.” Anything I say or do is really not! That’s okay,though. I love em anyways . . . David’s smile is darling!


  3. We have the same speedway! Love it love it love it! I like that it isn’t that big, but it is way for fun for the little ones.
    Last night Hew had one 4-5 inch car, a matchbox car and his spippy and he was trying to hold them all as he went to sleep. If nothing else he is learning ood coordination.
    miss you guys – we are talking about “when” we can make it to Houston.


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