Disney Photopass Pictures

Ok so here are the last of our Disneyworld Pictures. We finally got the CD of pictures that we ordered from Disney. They have this great thing called Photopass. You know all those annoying people who want to take your picture at all the different locations and with the characters,well we found out that for $99 if you pay in advance of your trip all these pictures can be put on a CD and they send it to you with the rights to print anywhere instead of paying $12.95 a picture or something outrageous like that at the park. All of us who went split the cost and we all took advantage of it and then share the pictures. You get to go online for 30 days after your trip before they send you the CD and you can edit the pictures,or even add borders and signatures. Really neat feature and I recommend it to anyone who goes to Disneyworld. It was a great way to get all our group shots and character shots. They just give you a card when they take the picture and you can use the same one over and over they just scan it before they take more and all the pictures on there after your trip. I know I sound like a commercial but I wanted to explain the rest of the new pictures.

2 thoughts on “Disney Photopass Pictures

  1. Oh my goodness I totally agree with you. My David got a bunch of boy toys for his birthday last weekend and he was in heaven. Just like you said – we couldn’t open the boxes fast enough. And he knew exactly what to do with the balls, cars, and baseball bat. It’s crazy how different girls and boys are. Your David’s pictures are so cute. He looks so happy!


  2. If you ever come back to Disney World, you’ll have to call us. We’re thinking of getting a season pass for the 2 years we’ll live there. It’s only about 1.5 hrs. from our house. Fun huh?


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