February Fun

Last week we were out in the yard enjoying the nice warm winter weather when Caitlyn came running out to the yard off the bus. She was so excited she had finally lost a tooth. Let me explain a few months ago she had to had her two bottom teeth pulled by the dentist since her permanent teeth grew in behind the baby teeth that were not budging. She was the last one in her second grade class who wasn’t missing like 7-10 teeth so she was pretty bummed about it. Needless to say she was so excited that it had fallen out at school in lunch. Two days before she lost one at home but that was boring she said since you don’t get to sign the big tooth on the wall at school. Oh well the important things in life losing teeth and signing a tooth–to be 7 again. Enjoy the other pics from that day. For some reason David’s mouth is open in almost all the pictures maybe that is because he thinks he is talking but really just yelling nonsense words at me all day. There are also some pictures of these fun new hair tie things Bammy sent the girls called Trash Ties. They are fun and Caitlyn is all about doing them especially since she can do her own ponytails side and back ones.

7 thoughts on “February Fun

  1. K-now Dan would think this post was fascinating. Did you go to a pediatric dentist to get this done? I can’t wait until Austin’s two front teeth fall out–they got chipped over Christmas. Only like 6 more years, right?


  2. Caitlyn!!!You look awesome with no teeth!!!
    Lainey and Caitlyn, I love the way your hair looks with the trashties. Really cute!


  3. so are those white trash ties? garbage bag ties? kidding, bammy, how come i did not get any…my hair would actually be long enough these days for some. caitlyn-you look gorgeous, teeth or no teeth, and i love your side ponytail…i am only 24, and those are back in style, man, i love fashion…maybe i should do one tomorrow for my kindergarteners.


  4. ok i just wanted in on the conversation 🙂 really i do not know what those ties are bammy …. gotta run one of the V’s is loosing it in nap time … time to lay the mommy smack down 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH loosing it lossing it!!!!!


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