Christmas Week

Ok so for the week of Christmas we went to Lake Conroe and stayed in a lake house with most of James’ family. We went ice-skating and decorated car cakes and hung out. We came back to Kingwood to see my Grandpa who had flown in to visit. The kids all had a great time with all their aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. Isn’t that what the holiday are all about? There are even some pictures of our friends the Jensens that moved to Utah but James’ brother and sister went by to see them and took some pics for the girls. We are now relaxing on our way to Florida. We are spending the next week at Disneyworld. To be honest I am not sure who is more excited the kids or myself. I have a few quiet minutes here at the hotel before I go to bed so I thought I would take a minute to put up pictures.

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