Thanksgiving Week

We have had a great time this week with family. For starters on Thanksgiving day we had a joint birthday party for David and his cousin Jade since they are only 13 days apart. James decided to rent an inflatable bounce house for the festivites and because of the holiday we ended up with it for a almost two days.All the kids and their cousins had a great time playing in it. I am a huge fan of those things since literally the whole day the kids were outside jumping and playing. They were passed out for the night at 6:30pm from all the fun. I made Jade and David #1 birthday cakes which David had no problem enjoying.My brother Jared came down with his wife Elaine and their 5 month old baby also named Jared. The girls loved holding him since David is too big for that now but they still try . Jared was really cute laughing and smiling for the girls when they held him.
It was a wonderful holiday with family. We are very blessed that some of our family lives nearby us. Of course it would be ideal if we could be with all our family but we can’t complain, some people spend the holidays alone. We hope that y’all were just as blessed this week.

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